A Little Bit of Me

I’ve always been a seeker of some kind. I thrive on those stories of the individual that takes a chance, leaving the normal world behind and ultimately finding something amazing, both about themself and the world around them. I also have a special affinity for the unprepared adventurer. The one that leaves home without the correct gear, and with little to no experience in regards to what they are doing. Think Bilbo Baggins running out the door in The Hobbit, with no true idea of what he’s gotten himself into, only the urge to venture out.

It was because of this I ended up in China at age 18 attempting to “find myself.” I had grown up in a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada, and very much struggled to find a place to fit in there. Where other kids when on vacation to Cuba, I went to places like Norway. I was an experienced traveller before most of my peers had even been on a plane. Just another thing that made me different in a small town where popularity was everything and we all seemed caught up in trying to replicate an American teen movie in real life. Not content with the world I knew, and with the arrogance that only an 18 year old can poses, I decided to get as far away as I could. That place ended up being Zhangzhou in south east China.  A place that opened my eyes to the larger world, knocked a lot of that arrogance out of me, and ultimately taught me that we do not “find ourselves” but that we were ourselves all along–we just don’t allow ourselves to simply be. This is still the best decision I have ever made, and that first trip to China marks the dividing line in my life, there is everything that came before and now everything that has come after.

This blog is a lot of things. It is the lessons I have learned, the places I have been (and am going to!); it is the stories collected on the road, as well as the motivation to make more. I still believe in that character arch, where the novice can just walk out the door one day and find an adventure that ultimately teaches them something new about themselves.

This is my adventure, are you coming with me?