Italian Espress: Day 2 Rome

Our day started in the Roman Forum, learning about life in ancient Rome and getting to explore the ruins before most of the other tourists got there for the day. An early morning and sans coffee as I was, quietly walking through the ruins soaking in the history of it all was very much my speed.


Ruins in the Forum, it was a cold, grey morning that would eventually turn beautifully sunny.

From there we took a short walk over to the Colosseum which never fails to impress no matter how tired you are. Skipping past the long line of tourists already queuing to get in (yay Contiki!) our guide explained the long a varied history of the site. Sadly, I didn’t hear much of it, I have a tendency to wander off to take pictures, and there limitless photo ops to be hand in a place like that.


The Colossuem

Thoroughly desperate for caffeine at this point, the group parted ways to spend the day doing our own thing until dinner. I knew the four of us would be good friends when at the cafe we found for brunch we started to order cheese and charcuterie boards to share. Anyone who thinks plates of meats and cheeses is a balanced meal is a friend of mine. We even ordered desert, even though it was barely noon.


Brunch and my desperately needed coffee!

We got lost, we found our way back, learned the metro system (all two lines of it), hit the Circus Maximus, the Spanish Steps, and took a long walk from there back through the city to end at the Piazza Navona once again. It was our meeting point before dinner, and the groups and couples slowly wandered in to share stories of how they spend their day.

I have never laughed so hard as I did that night in our pasta class before dinner. We stood shoulder to shoulder down one long table attempting to make pasta from scratch. Quickly it descended into chaos of flour flying and boards falling, shouts being traded from one end of the table to the other, and endless innuendo and dirty jokes. When we arrived I assumed they would quietly not serve us the past we made–I’ve made and utterly screwed up pasta before, so I couldn’t imagine we would create a half decent product. But, to the credit of the people teaching us, we not only managed to actually make pasta but it actually tasted good! We all laughed and traded more dirty jokes through out dinner as more pasta dishes came out of the kitchen.


Learning how to make pasta! (photo courtesy of Jillian)

Some people went out for a while, the rest of us went back to the hotel and had a pyjama party in the bar. The next day it would be another early morning to see the Vatican and then off to Florence!