Italian Espress: Day 5 San Gimignano

In my defense I thought I was early. I nearly got left behind this morning because I was taking my time putting on eyeliner. Though also in my defense, anyone who has ever done winged eyeliner knows that this is not something that can be rushed. Either way, I was the last one on the coach and had to say my mea culpas to Jimmy for making everyone wait.

Rather than staying in Florence, we went off to the medieval town of San Gimignano–a beautiful city in the Tuscan country side with a completely unpronounceable name (for me at least).


San Gimigano, very early in the morning (for me at least)

The big thing to do in San Gimigano is climbing the tower connected to the church. The views are stunning, or so I’m told. I decided to keep my feet on the ground. My late night combined with a fear of heights and a strong dislike for lost of stairs meant while all my friends climbed the tower I settled myself into a lovely cafe to slowly drink my coffee and watch the town come awake. I looked at their photos later when we met up for lunch and it is indeed a beautiful view.


The view from the bell tower, as seen by the rest of the group (photo courtesy of Jillian)

Following lunch (well, the lunch everyone else got to eat but I didn’t as I didn’t get my meal until the moment we had to leave) back on the coach and off to a vineyard. Very little information about the wine and the wine making process, a lot more wine tasting–my kind of tour! We sat outside drinking in both the wines and scenery until it started to rain and we all huddled in the gift shop until we could get back to the coach.


Our departure was delayed by one of our group’s curiosity about the red lever beside the door handle. Ignoring the rule of “never push the red button” he pulled the door’s emergency release handle and the whole side door came off it’s hinges. Good thing our driver Fabio was amazing and had the door quickly re-attached.

This was by far the quietest night of the trip. We were all cold and tired, and opted to just drink in the lobby after dinner. I didn’t even go out for dinner, choosing to eat my lunch that I hadn’t gotten to before. I had made our waiter box it up for me, and horrified look on his face at my request made up for my annoyance that I didn’t get my food until late.

We all actually made it to bed at a decent time that night–which was a good thing, seeing as how the next day would be the earliest morning and the longest driving day.