Italian Espress: Day 6 on to Venice

We knew this was going to be the longest day of the trip. We started in Florence, stopped in Pisa, stopped in Verona, and finished the day in Venice.

By mid morning we made it to Pisa and went off into the site with a mission–who could take the most ridiculous picture with the tower that hadn’t already been done. Three best photos get equally ridiculous prizes. Everyone had their concepts and I volunteered my services as a photographer. Peter wanted a photo of him holding the top, with both feet on the side, so he’d look like he was pulling the tower down. I had convinced him to try a flying kick instead, because if he tried to jump with both feet in the air chances were strong he’d end up injuring himself. Multiple failed frames, we switched to video to see if we could get a screen grab out of that instead. Failing that, Peter decided for our last video to go for broke and try his original plan. The result was exactly as expected.


One of the many fail photos

We didn’t win the competition–as a video we didn’t actually qualify. But let’s be honest, we really did win anyway.

Lunch stop at a designer brands outlet mall. Didn’t have lunch and didn’t go shopping. I spent the whole time walking about sharing stories with new friends. It was good to get out and walk before having to settle back into the coach for the drive to Verona.

I wish we had had a couple more hours in Verona. I had been there before, on my last trip to Italy in 2012, but I had spent most of the time lost and don’t remember much of it. But Verona is gorgeous. Winding marble streets so narrow that cars can’t make it through. As it was the end of November the city had put out all it’s Christmas lights making an already beautiful city sparkle a little more. We just had enough time for a beer in the Christmas market before we had to make it back across the city to meet the group for dinner.


Verona and one hell of a gorgeous sunset

We got into Mestre (that’s the mainland area closes to Venice) at 1opm that night. A few of us stayed up in the hotel’s bar as we tried to delay the inevitable–our last full day together.