Italian Espresso: Day 7 Venice

Our last full day came way too soon. We were on the coach early that morning to catch the boat that would take us into Venice proper.

We stopped at a smaller island first to watch a glass blowing demonstration. From the demonstration we were let loose into the shop. Walking past fragile items worth half a million Euros and up, I quickly opted to go get some coffee instead. I’m far to accident prone to be allowed to stay in a shop like that. Coffee overlooking the lagoon is much more my speed.

I’ve been to Venice before, in fact the last time I was there I spent quite a lot of time on the island itself, and I was expecting to be rather unimpressed by Venice the second time around. Been there, done that.

I was wrong.

It was the perfect day to be in Venice. It was beautifully sunny, high tide meant that St. Mark’s Square was flooded when we first arrived, and warm enough without being uncomfortably hot. We started with a walking tour and I quickly settled into the labyrinth that is Venice. Once again, I have no idea the content of the tour, I was too far at the back taking pictures. Tour concluded, we separated for lunch, before meeting back up with the group for gondolas rides.


Canals at high tide

Now, I wasn’t going to do the gondolas, I had avoided it on my first trip to Venice, and had no intention of paying to be in an over romanticized canoe with my room mate (she’s great but not my type romantically speaking). But the weather was so perfect, and I heard that it was actually 6 to a gondola rather than 2, and I was quickly regretting my decision to skip this option. Cash in hand I asked Jimmy if it was possible to change my mind, and awesome guy that he is, he arranged it.


Our small fleet of gondolas

It was gorgeous, that’s all I can say about the view. There is no way to summarize the atmosphere of Venice, especially as it is seen from the water. All I can tell you is that you need to go, at least once in your life.


From left to right, Lee, Jillian, James, Lindsay, Me (Photo courtesy of Lee)

Back on not quite so solid ground we had the rest of the day to ourselves. Mostly we were mask shopping so that we would have one to wear to our last dinner together. We wandered through winding streets, Chris and I (the non shoppers) constantly loosing the other three (Kellie, Lorna, Sophie) as they ducked into shops along the way. At one cafe I announced that I really didn’t need to get back on the coach, and I didn’t need to get on my plane home. I had created an idea where I could stay in Venice forever ever and be a bar tender. It was a happy fantasy.


Our masked dinner (photo courtesy of Juan)

Dinner was as rowdy as can be expected from our last night together. We sang, we brought extra wine home, we laughed, and I could not escape the twinge of sadness that this would all be over soon. But being that as it was, we made every last moment of that night count.


Our last night all togeather! Front is Kellie; behind her (left to right) Lindsay, Me, Sophie; and the back row (left to right) Juan and Chris

Back at the hotel, we said goodbyes to the people who would be going to bed early, and then the last of us left to go out one more time. We stayed late trying to pretend that tomorrow was no inevitable, and then stumbled off into the night, carrying each other all the way back to the hotel. Many promises to see each other again were made, many goodbyes, and many memories.