Italian Espresso: Day 8 & 9 Rome and back Home

On the coach for 6:45am and I don’t want to go. The last thing I wanted was to leave most of the group behind and head back to Rome. Long goodbyes and promises to keep in touch.

I slept most of the way back, finally catching up on all the sleep I had missed of the past few days. I spent some of it watching the scenery flow past, and the last couple hours sitting with Jimmy listening to ska and discussing our favorite bands.

Another set of goodbyes in Rome, this time to Jimmy and Fabio.


Back to the beginning, travel documents and excitment

Nine of us left, dinner, drinks, and gelato. Back to the hotel and early to bed. I had to be downstairs for 4:30am to catch my ride to the airport. Wrong terminal, confused desk agents, and 2 hours of flight delay in Paris. An agonizing long flight with the worst of seat mates. Train home, drop suitcases, and finally to pass out in my own bed again.

This trip was everything I needed at this point in my life. I had to get away, clear my head, and feel like myself again. I made some amazing friends, and had some amazing experiences. It was all over too soon though. I could have stayed for weeks more with my crazy Contiki family. We have already started talking about another trip–another Contiki to bring us back to the beginning.

It can’t come soon enough.