Costa Rica: Day 10 Manuel Antonio

Sarah and most of the group went surfing that morning, I slept in. It was glorious. I took a long shower, had a leisurely breakfast and then those of us who had opted to not surf went down to the beach to continue the chill out. We really didn’t have anything planned until dinner that day, so we all just used the opportunity to just relax. We played in the waves, and worked on our respective tans. Well, for those who can tan, I just burn.

manuel antonio

Sarah surfing and the rest of us playing on the beach. These and the cover photo are credited to Gustavo Mora

Eventually being hungry over ruled laziness and we wandered along the waterfront looking for food. We ended up at a restaurant/bar that opened right out towards the ocean, I wish I knew the name of the place to tell you, but in some ways it is more fun to find it on your own.

I have to admit at this point that I am not the most adventurous of eaters. I’m not as bad as I used to be, anything with eyes or that still looked the way it did when it was alive used to be a no go. China got me past both of those hang ups. So when one of the girls from California suggested the ceviche for lunch, I decided to give it a go though admittedly with some hesitation. I really don’t like the texture of raw fish, and I was a little worried that the citrus juice would not “cook” it enough for my comfort. I had nothing to be worried about. New item added to my favorite foods list! Maybe it was because the fish was so fresh, or maybe it was just atmosphere, I don’t know, but not much has tasted better than that fish and beer looking out over the beach to the pacific.


Night out with the group! Even our trip manager Gustavo and our driver Felix decided to come out that night. 

We had gotten a tip from the bar tender at our hotel that one of the local bars was having ladies night (translated: ladies get mixed drinks free all night!), so we headed there after dinner. Located up on the second story this bar had a really cool tree house vibe and a chilled DJ that didn’t mind taking requests. The bar also featured a game of Jenga where the blocks were two by fours cut down. We went around the group with each person having to pull out a block–no one got to pass on their turn. Eventually the tower got higher than I am tall and even breathing on it made it shake alarmingly. Seriously, a lot of fun!


This was the point where the stack was taller than me! Photo credit to Cheryl Chong

As we finally made it back to the hotel another storm was rolling in off the ocean and we watched the lightning flash for a while before turning in for the night.