Costa Rica: Day 11 Manuel Antonio

It was still raining when we woke up which fit perfectly for the feeling in the group that morning. People thrown together in close quarters for a long time will eventually clash. That morning a long simmering issue finally came to a head. I wont spend time on the details, but it was both good for the group to finally see the situation hit its tipping point and a downer on the over all mood. The rain also delayed that morning’s activity. Our “sunset” boat cruise which had been already moved to the morning because of the rain, and now the weather continued to cause havoc with our plans.

To make the best of the rain delay, Sarah and I opened Bar Don Julio–which really means we left the door to our room open and invited everyone to stop with a drink. Eventually we got the call that the weather had cleared enough for us to go and we piled into the bus and went off to the pier.


naps on the catamaran. Photo credit: Sarah Wolf


Our catamaran was so cool! it had nets out the front were you could lay out over the water (no thanks!) and a water slide off the back. We cruised around looking at the islands and the sea birds until we reached our anchor point. The seas were pretty rough which made it better for me but really tough on a couple people. When we finally stopped for a while it was to go for a swim. You had to take the stairs up to the roof of the boat and then you had the option to either go down the slide or to just take a running jump off the side. I did my working up the nerve thing again and then went off over the side. Once I had gone once, I was able to get back on the boat and go for a few more jumps.


Ed going off the top. Photo credit: Gustavo Mora


Post swim there was lunch of fresh fruit, grilled fish, and of course rice and beans. Oh, and there was an open bar, one of my favorite word combinations in the English language (up there with free food and pub night). Standing at the rail as we got back under way I didn’t want to leave. At one point while talking with Gustavo I actually said it out loud, “I don’t have to get on that plane. I don’t have to go back.” With a philosophical shrug, he replied that I didn’t have to. Looking back, that was rather good advice that perhaps I should have taken. Or maybe I just wasn’t meant to take it then.


Right to left: Me, Gustavo, & Sarah

Back on shore we spent out last night by the pool and then had a bit of a tearful dinner at the hotel. We had one more day left but most of it would be spent in transit back to San Jose. Following dinner we took some drinks and towels down to the beach and just listened to the waves. The mood was definitely more than a little somber as we all thought about our last day together.