Costa Rica: Day 2 Tortuguero

I was really excited for the boats. Yes, that sounds silly, but it’s the truth. I love being out on the water and the fact that the only way we could only get to the resort was by boat was something that I though was super cool. After the better part of the day being spent in the coach, I was ready for some air, even if I was still adjusting to the humidity. We managed to nearly capsize the boat before we even left the dock, the majority of people not realizing that we can’t all sit on the same side of the boat or it will tip.


Boats to the resort. Glad I travel light because we had to carry our bags down the dirt path to the pier.

I’ve stayed at a lot of cool places in my travels, but the resort in Tortuguero was by far one of my favorites. We stayed in cabins that were interconnected by paths through the jungle. It felt natural, as if the cabins were simply extensions of the trees around them. Also, the turtle shaped pool and the ability to bring your drinks into the pool were definite pluses!


Walking between the cabins and the pool at our resort

After a swim and a couple drinks we were back on the boat to go across the channel to the small town on the other side. It was there that I found my beach. Black sand on the Atlantic coast, and as I walked out from between the houses all I could do was stop and think, “This is is it, this is my beach.” When I think of a place where I could run away to, I still think of that beach. I’ve never seen a more perfect place anywhere in the world.

my beach

My beach

We wandered and shopped in the little town. Some of us going for ice cream and some opting for fresh cut coconuts. We watched the sun slowly setting over the trees as the group slowly gathered to take the boat back across the channel for dinner.


Sarah taking a running jump off the pier to cool down while waiting for the boat. Photo credit: Gustavo Mora

Back to the pool before dinner and then we played drinking games at the hotel bar until they closed for the night. Thankfully, all of our cabins were interconnected so moving our game inside didn’t disturb the neighbors. We all fell asleep that night listening to the sounds of the jungle out side and the rhythmic sweep of the ceiling fans above.