Costa Rica: Day 5 Arenal

Our morning started off with a surprise. Sarah had been gathering her clothes off the floor when out from the bundle jumped a strawberry poison dart frog. Seriously. Both of us stared at the little guy in shock as he began hopping around our tent. Now the thing about poison dart frogs is that the poison comes out through their skin, which made trying to catch him a bit of a problem since we couldn’t just grab him and bring him outside. As he makes for the bathroom Sarah just looks at me in horror and says, “But I have to shower!” Okay, so plan B for frog eviction. Grabbing some paper and a glass I used the same method I use on spiders at home to trap and transport him out of the tent. We took a couple pictures for proof, named him Don Julio after the brand of tequila Sarah had been drinking and then let him go back into the forest were he belonged. We had a great story to tell at breakfast.


Our frog, Don Julio

Breakfast done and back on the coach, we went off to go white water rafting! When I had first read in the brochure that it would be an option to try rafting I was super stoked. This was something I had always wanted to do, and this was my chance. There were options to do other things that day as well, but everyone signed on to go rafting.


Getting ready for rafting! Photo credit: Gustavo Mora

Kitted up, divided into boats, we set out on to the river. Personally, I think we got the best rafting guide out of all of them! This guy was great, he’d take us through rapids backwards, or spinning around just for kicks. He’d tell us that each set of rapids had a different name, like The Washing Machine or The Surprise. I think he was making them up as we went. We took a small break for a snack at a slack in the river, complete with a high spot where we could jump off and drift back down to where the boats were. Before we pushed off again our guide collected fern fronds which he stuck in our helmets telling us that it was “camouflage from the vultures.” We laughed, we screamed, it was a total riot!


Heading down the river. Photo credit: Gustavo Mora

We had lunch at the rafting departure point, and waited out a rainstorm before heading off. Many of us slept as the bus took us on to Arenal. I just put in my head phones and watched the world go by.

Dinner was at a local stake house, and then we went on to a bar across the square. Most of the group left right away because they couldn’t connected to the bar’s wifi (I wish I was making that up), but a few of us stayed on until close. We made it back to the resort, collapsing for a few hours sleep before another high adrenaline adventure the next day.