Exciting News and New Adventures!

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to write this post for months now. The issue has been that as exciting as this news is, it is in many ways also profoundly personal. The short version is just this: I’m moving to England!


Visa, check! Plane ticket, check! Sense of adventure, check!

I decided to go forward with this mad plan back in December–though the reality is that the decision to move on was made a long time before that. I have been thinking about living abroad and trying to travel more long term for years now. Any blog with a post with a title like “How to Ditch your Desk,” or “I Quit my 9-5 to Travel the World,” was a must read for me. But I never did anything about it. If I am to be honest about it, I was too afraid. I was afraid of failing, of having to come back home having failed at the thing I love most. But in the wake of the train wreck impression that my life decided to do I was left with the realization that there was something way worse than the possibility of failure, and that was to continue living the way I was. To say “So I decided to change it” belies the difficulties and how hard it has been to get from there to here. It makes it sounds like everything is now sunshine and roses. It’s not. But it’s a start.


I started thinking about leaving Canada after I got home from Italy. I’m so thankful to my crazy Contiki family for reminding me of what is really important in life.

As I was trying to answer the question of “were do I go from here?” It was suggested to me that I look at work/holiday visa programs. I had assumed that there may be five or so countries that I could apply too, I was wrong, there was 27. I sat at my desk reading through the list of countries, starting to sort through the possibilities–which destinations did I have friends in, which ones required me to have a second language, which one provided the most opportunities for travel. As I read visa requirements to go to the UK that little voice in my mind (who is far smarter than I am) said “Yes! This! This is right!”

two years of travel

Some of my recent adventures: Italy, Alberta, Costa Rica, a Caribbean cruise, Niagara Falls, and Las Vegas

Two years, few restrictions on work, and the possibilities of cheap flights to Europe; I was sold. The visa didn’t even sound that difficult (PS, I was wrong about that!). Also, London is an important city for the company that I work for with multiple offices, locations, and departure centers around the city. There was definite potential for a first job by utilizing my already existing contacts. This was exactly what I needed.


The Fam-Jam, I’m currently trying to convince them to come visit me this June!

Making the decision to move ended up being the easiest part. Months of work, way more money that I initially assumed, and a seemingly unending list of things to do. All the while I was still trying to get my health back in order and work my 9-5 without being fired or doing a table-flip quit. I did get a job, got the visa, got the plane ticket, and worked out the seemingly unending list of small details.  Apartment packed up, and most of my stuff let go of. I have a backpack, his name in Carl (pronounced Coral, because it carries stuff and things) and we are going to go on this adventure together.

yyz friends

Almost three years in Toronto, and so many friends that have made that time special

So what is there left to say? Really just thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been helping and supporting me through this. To my friends and family that have helped me sort through the paper work mountain or taken my panicked phone calls where I demanded to know why they were letting me do this. I recently heard it said that journeys do not begin as adventures, they begin as risks. This is my risk. This is my adventure. This is my chance to chase a dream, whether I succeed or fail. So here I go, out the door and down the road, and on to something new.