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UK in Winter Packing List

I love to shock people by telling them that I moved to the UK for the better weather. Though in a way, it’s true. I’m not great at being cold, and not a… Continue reading

Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day

After the wild ride that was Oktoberfest Fest, how could I not sign on with the same crew to take on St. Patrick’s day in Dublin, Ireland? That’s right, I couldn’t. Since we… Continue reading

Oktoberfest: a Survival Guide

If you think that title is overly dramatic, I promise you it’s not. This was my first ever Oktoberfest, and I’ll freely admit that I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting myself… Continue reading

Visas, as in the Documents, not the Cards

My currently, soon to be former, job is actually as a visa coordinator for a travel company. Essentially what that means is I spend my days helping people traveling with us get the… Continue reading

Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Moved to China

In my own defense I was 18 and an idiot. It was my first trip to China and I really had no clue what I was doing. I had done research, as the… Continue reading

Exploring Venice during Carnival

It is a strange reality that the last time I lived in China I actually ended up learning more Italian than I did Chinese. My room mate was Italian, the majority of my… Continue reading

The Usual Suspects: What’s in my Toiletries Kit

When I was a kid we’d head up to the cottage every few weekends, and even when I was in university I found myself traveling back to my parents place at least once… Continue reading

You Can Pick Your Friends: Thoughts on Choosing a Travel Buddy

Just because someone is your best friend doesn’t mean that they’re the best person to travel with. You may think you know someone, but until you actually get on the road and have… Continue reading

26 Years of Family Vacations, and I Haven’t Killed Anyone Yet

My family still travels together at least once a year. We’re a small family really, just my parents (married for 32 years!), my older brother, and I. But personality clashes are inevitable, and… Continue reading

No, This isn’t my Real Hair Colour: Tips for Traveling with Dyed Hair

My hair is bright red. As in the kind of red that you spot in the street from up in a tower (true story!). But people always ask me if it is my… Continue reading

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